Indonesian presidential election will be held on the next Wednesday, 9 July 2014. I don’t know whether it is a fate or just a coincidence. Slowly, slow but sure, all the public figures, academia and institutions I respect finally stand on the same side. And it is Jokowi’s.

With his brilliant proposal “Mental Revolution”, Jokowi is the example of what a real leader is. He is the one who could empower people to maximize their own potentials to achieve a brighter future with their own hands. He is the one who could overwhelmingly attract good people to stand on his side as a formidable group of optimistic persons. He is the one who could energize many persons to voluntarily advocate democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. People’s power anyone can’t fight.

This election is the first time I publicly express my endorsement for a presidential candidate. I have been mentally revolutionized by the spirit Jokowi has given to all of his supporters.

“Kalau bukan Jokowi, siapa lagi? Kalau bukan sekarang, kapan lagi?” Jokowi adalah kita.


‪Endorsing Jokowi‬


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