Preserving cultural heritage

A new journal article entitled “Preserving Cultural Heritage: The Harmony between Art Idealism, Commercialization, and Triple-Helix Collaboration” has been officially published in American Journal of Tourism Management, volume 2, issue 1, pages 22-28. American Journal of Tourism Management is an international journal published by Scientific & Academic Publisher (SAPUB), an Open-Access publisher headquartered in Rosemead, California. The article is hence published based on Open-Access scheme, meaning that it is publicly available for free download. Below are the full citation format and abstract.

Official Citation
Setyagung, E.H., Hani, U., Azzadina, I., Sianipar, C.P.M., Ishii, T. (2013). Preserving cultural heritage: The harmony between art idealism, commercialization, and Triple-Helix collaboration. American Journal of Tourism Management, 2(1), 22-28.

Many initiatives had been done since the emergence of each cultural heritage preservation, cultural tourism, art idealism, and Triple-Helix concept. However, there was a lack of full combination between these perspectives. This study deals with their real implementation. Exploratory study was conducted to construct complete overview of the idea. Qualitative approach was used in order to gather in-depth understanding of archival information and to develop direct observation as well as interviews with field actors. Saung Angklung Udjo, a UNESCO’s recognized institution in preserving cultural heritage (Angklung), was taken as the focus of the study. Discussion was concluded into an overview that preserving cultural heritage in tourism business could be seamlessly done through the harmony of art idealism, commercialization, being boosted and balanced by using Triple-Helix collaboration. Surrounding issues were solved through good marketing strategy, joint-cooperation, and local economic development. This study enlightened preservation of cultural heritage through Triple-Helix collaboration in a full profit-oriented tourism business which spurs local economic development and supports youth participation in heritage preservation, without losing the authenticity of art itself.

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