Materials selection in Appropriate Technology

A new journal article entitled “Materials selection in Appropriate Technology: Four focuses in design thinking” has been officially published in the Advanced Materials Research (Adv. Mater. Res.), volume 789, pages 379-382. Advanced Materials Research is a Scopus-indexed journal, and published by Trans Tech Publications (TTP), one of the world’s leading international publishers in science and engineering. TTP is headquartered in Pfaffikon, Switzerland. Below are the full citation format and abstract.

Official Citation
Sianipar, C.P.M., Taufiq., H., Estiningtyas, H.R., Dowaki, K., Adhiutama, A., Yudoko, G. (2013). Materials selection in Appropriate Technology: Four focuses in design thinking. Advanced Materials Research, 789, 379-382.

Appropriate technology is widely recognized as a good solution in providing alternative technology for underdeveloped people who live in a very limited circumstance. However, it is often seen as an idea without clear explanation from engineering perspective. One of critical process in appropriate technology design process is materials selection. This study aims to provide applied logic for selecting materials in the design process. The logic is constructed by surveying previous notions from researchers. Reasoning techniques are explored by using design thinking. This study reveals that there are four focuses which must be applied to find sufficient materials for an appropriate technology. This study also concludes that, unlike pure engineering efforts which tend to substitute materials given in a technology design with locally available ones, appropriate technology start from existing resources to produce its design. It requires soft selection by involving local people in exploring any potential materials which already available in their own area. By looking at previous studies which tended to ignore the contribution from local people in exploring potential materials, this study turns it back and encourages insights for further research around it.

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