The increasing of supply-chain scale which caused by borderless business partnerships can result in less monitored chains, a condition in which predicting and detecting issues in supply-chain must be strengthened. Issues are resulted from gap between supply-chain business practices and stakeholders expectations, whether they come from related affairs or not. Issues which have any direct impacts on a supply-chain can bring risk and then cause a crisis if they are not managed by firms. This paper aims to investigate potential issues arrival patterns which disseminate through the nature of supply-chain as a network and the use of social media among people in supply chains. Then, a framework also proposed to give guidelines on how to understand incoming issues arrival before developing any prevention plans. The proposed patterns and framework are developed based on literature survey which is combined with valuable issue samples to build a comprehensive discussion. This paper concludes that issues can come through several patterns before they become direct risk and cause crisis in supply-chain. Before firms develop risk management or do any crisis prevention, they must transform themselvesapproaches which tend to treat this topic only as business practices, this paper throws a light from academic perspective on how to develop sharp understanding about issues dissemination and arrival patterns on supply-chain.