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File:Community empowerment through AT - Sustaining the sustainable development 458 KBMarch2013
File:Design methodology for AT - Engineering as if people mattered (MDPI) 1.8 MBAugust2013
File:Design methodology for AT - Engineering as if people mattered (RG) 1.2 MBAugust2013
File:Eco-burden in pavement maintenance - Effects from excess traffic growth and overload 8.4 MBJuly2014
File:Interdependency of cleaner production and cleaner application 197 KBJune2014
File:Materials research in AT - In the midst of science, engineering, and technology 150 KBJuly2013
File:Materials selection in AT - Four focuses in design thinking 76 KBJanuary2014
File:NGO in Triple-Helix - Lessons from Nias community empowerment on cocoa production 174 KBOctober2012
File:Physiological concept - Visible modeling for feasible design 968 KBJanuary2014
File:Preserving heritage - Art idealism, commercialization, and TH collaboration 90 KBDecember2013
File:Seven pillars of survivability - AT with a human face 341 KBJuly2013
File:Social media - Integrated human collaboration in supply-chain management 7.0 MBMay2014
File:Technological solution for vulnerable communities - Does its approach matter? 1.6 MBJune2014
File:Understanding dynamic behavior of swing voters using ABS 574 KBDecember2013
File:Understanding issue dissemination in supply-chain - network analysis and social media 2.8 MBSeptember2012