Peer-reviewed articles on climate change

Image: Global warming peer-reviewed articles

It seems to be a common belief (forgive me for generalizing, but particularly in the USA where it has become a political issue) that there is no scientific consensus on the subject of climate change.

This is unequivocally not true. There is debate about how fast the climate is changing, there is debate about how it is changing and how it will change, there is debate about how this will affect the Earth’s ecosystems and there is debate about how *much* of it is caused by human beings.

There is almost complete consensus in the scientific community that the climate is changing, and that at least part of that is anthropogenic.

These numbers are from Dr. James Powell. In his own words, he “searched the Web of Science, an online science publication tool, for peer-reviewed scientific articles published between January first 1991 and November 9th 2012 that have the keyword phrases ‘global warming’ or ‘global climate change’.” The search produced 13,950 articles.

You can read his full article, references and methodology here:

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  1. Posted by Andrew, at Reply

    Powell attempts to smear skeptics as “global warming deniers”. This is a dishonest ad hominem as skeptics believe there has been a global temperature increase of a fraction of a degree since the end of the little ice age. Read my rebuttal to his article. What do you think about it?

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